Password Reset – Two Factor Authentication – Single Sign On

    Two Factor Authentication and Single Sign One systems are very important in today's multi-device landscape. The need for user authentication can be the difference of personal data loss and total security.

    Also known as 2FA or SSO, these systems typically send a text or email to an approved contact for verification.

    About Identity Access Management

    What is identity and access management?

    Identity and access management (IAM) is a framework of business processes, policies and technologies that facilitates the management of electronic or digital identities. With an IAM framework in place, information technology (IT) managers can control user access to critical information within their organizations. Systems used for IAM include single sign-on systems, two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication and privileged access management. These technologies also provide the ability to securely store identity and profile data as well as data governance functions to ensure that only data that is necessary and relevant is shared.

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