Compare Checking Accounts with $400 Sign Up Bonus

    Your checking account might be the most important financial account in your everyday life. Not only do you need an account that functions well, but a bank that minimizes fees so you can keep more of what you earn, too. When choosing a checking account, there are a few items to pay close attention to: Many accounts offer perks such as cash back, free ATM withdraws anywhere, monthly budgeting and more.

    A checking account is a bank account that allows for frequent transactions. You might deposit your pay (or have your employer do it automatically through direct deposit) and use the account as a holding area for funds you plan to use soon. Spending money from these accounts is easy. For example, you can:

    It’s often wise to keep funds in a checking account and spend electronically instead of walking around with large sums of cash. When your bank or credit union is federally insured, your deposits are covered up to $250,000 if the bank goes under.

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