Restore and Backup Cloud Data Storage

    There are many great cloud storage and backup options available, so we will help guide you.

    When choosing a cloud storage solution, there are a few things to keep in mind: Personal use vs business use, cloud security, document and photo sizes, pricing, and integrations / apps.

    About Cloud Storage

    The growth of the online storage solutions has meant cloud backup options have come to replace traditional on-premise hardware thanks to economies of scale. Instead of the traditional “folder and file” storage system on a single computer (usually a local server or hard drive), cloud storage distributes that data across someone else's hardware (iDrive, pCloud, Google, Microsoft and many more).

    There, in warehouse-like structures called data centers, millions of hard disk drives, solid state drives and even tape store hundreds of millions of gigabytes of content from all over the world.

    You may not know it but you are probably already using one of the many cloud storage providers without even knowing. If you use Windows 10, Android or iOS, it's almost a certainty that somewhere out there, files that belong to you are stored automatically and safely on a server that belongs to either Google, Microsoft or Apple.

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